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Body and Soul Festival

Body and Soul Festival 2011
(March 12th – 14th, 2011) @ Stall 48

Body and Soul Festival 2012
(June 16th – 17th, 2012) @ Stall 11

Body and Soul Festival 2012 (June 16th – 17th, 2012) @ Stall 11

Body and Soul Festival 2011 (March 12th – 14th, 2011) @ Stall 48

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The Thinker’s Guide To…

  • Aural Photography
    Claim: That this method of “photographing” objects creates a gateway to the paranormal world of auras.
  • Critical Thinking
    “Strive to challenge your own truths and the truth of others.”
  • Homeopathy
    Claim: Suppose you want to help sleeping. You consult an alternative healer, who reason. You want the opposite effect: to feel sleepy. So I’ll take some caffeine and dilute it in water. I’ll dilute it over and over, until there’s no more caffeine – it’s just pure water. Drink it and you’ll feel sleepy.
  • Psychic Reading
    Claim: Psychic reading is a type of method used to foretell the future of an individual or a group.
  • Reflexology
    Claim: By applying pressure to specific areas of the hands and/or feet you can heal other areas of the body.
  • Skepticism
    Skeptic (n) – One who applies critical thinking and scientific method to the examination of knowledge, perceptions and beliefs.
  • Spotting a bogus claim
    So you want to be able to spot the fraud?
  • Vaccination
    Claim: Immunisation will make your child autistic.
  • Whats the Harm?
    Claim: If it makes people happy what’s the harm in that?

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Skeptics at the Mind Body Spirit Festival – SkeptiCamp Melbourne 2011 (October 22nd, 2011)

Jin-Oh Choi of the Launceston Skeptics led a group of his fellow non-believers to the Mind Body Spirit Festival. They weren’t just going for a look. They set up a stall! (Download PowerPoint slides here.)

SkeptiCamp Melbourne 2011 (October 22nd, 2011)

More details about SkeptiCamp Melbourne 2011 can be found on

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